YREPNY ("Young Real Estate Professionals of New York") is a not-for-profit organization serving New York Metro Area real estate professionals..

The purpose of YREPNY is threefold:

(1)  to further the development of real estate professionals in all areas of commercial real estate

(2)  to promote avenues of communication among commercial real estate professionals in the industry

(3)  to leverage the industry knowledge of prominent commercial real estate leaders

Our mission is to help you gain a foothold in the toughest real estate market of them all, New York City.

Through YREPNY events we hope to facilitate and promote the exchange of ideas and information, as well as help establish valuable relationships amongst our membership across the various and wide-ranging disciplines in the real estate community. 

In an industry in which “who you know” is as valuable as “what you know,” YREPNY aims to help all members improve both their “who” and their “what.”

 YREPNY Membership is FREE.

Our membership numbers more than 2,500 real estate professionals from the region, and spans across every sector of the industry. Also, we have affiliate chapters in Atlanta, Philadelphia Chicago, Charlotte, Houston, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

All commercial real estate professionals are welcome--from the professional who just graduated from college to professionals that have mature careers with an advanced level of industry experience.

If you're looking to meet local commercial real estate professionals, become a member and get involved!